# Adding processes

Sooner or later you will want add a different input to a process. To do that, you need to click on Add new in the input process list.

This will take you to the new process screen:

Process search screenshot

The top section has two differentiated areas:

  • search bar and filters and
  • create new process button, which will create an empty process for you to edit from scratch (more on custom processes later)

# Searching for a process

Here you search for cycles in the Earthster database, to use them as input processes. Yes, what is a cycle for somebody else (or an LCA database) is a process for you! You can find an ever-increasing database of the best Life Cycle Assessment data: Ecoinvent, USEEIO...

Type a set of keywords, and you will see a list any cycle that includes the keywords in their title and description. We prioritize processes from your geography. We take that geography from the information of the selected process, or from the current cycle.

If you do not find what you are looking on the first search, you can refine your search in two ways:

# Refining through keywords

You can make your search more specific by adding more information about your process. For example, when looking for electricity, you will find that the word "electricity" applies to a vast number of cycles (from consumer electricity to production power plants). Specifying "low voltage" will get you only results of consumer-level electricity.

# Refining through filters

You can use filters to refine your search. Hover over a column value of any result (for example, the unit of kg) to see the filters appear.

Search filters screenshot

You will see two icons, that let you add two different types of filters:

  • Lock: to show only results with that value
  • Exclude: show results that do not have that value

# Checking and selecting

You often have several candidate cycles to select from. You can click on the information button at the right of any cycle to see more details about it (a description of its contents in detail).

Once you have selected a process, click Add Process.