# Improving cycles

Now you know the basics of how Earthster works!

# Getting good at Earthster

The best way to get good at making models with Earthster is to try some products you are familiar with.

Ways of improving the appropriateness and accuracy of a template so that it better reflects your own situation, are, in order of effort:

  • Edit the value amounts for one or more inputs
  • Delete irrelevant flows. You can delete those processes in bulk if you have identified several unnecessary ones.
  • Swap data based on economic units (with high variability) to data based on physical units (with low uncertainty). This typically means swapping the Input-Output data that comes by default on the templates for Ecoinvent data or the like.
  • Add additional processes as inputs, from existing databases (Ecoinvent, USEEIO).
  • When you already have cycles of your own, those cycles as inputs.
  • Create custom processes to represent parts of your product.

# Learning more about Earthster

If you have further questions about different functionality of Earthster, you can also check our knowledge base. There you will find information about specific areas of Earthster.