Managing your organizations

This article describes how to manage organizations, like edit, grant permissions, invite other users, and upgrade subscription.

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  1. Sign into your account.

  2. Navigate to the User Menu on the top right.

3. Expand the User Menu drop-down and select Organizations.

4. You will have all your organizations with roles, number of users, workspaces, and processes listed in this view.

5. Select the organization and click the Edit icon (a pencil) on the right to enter the organization workspace.

6. You can modify the organization's name in the free text field at the top of the view.

7. You can modify how the member's email ends. Note that you can only invite members with the same email ending as the organization defines.

7. You can decide who may invite users to the organization:

  • Anybody in the organization.

  • Only admin users.

8. You can view the organization's stats and invite users by clicking Invite User.

9. Enter the Invitee's email address.

Note that the Invitee's email ending must be the same as defined in the "Member's emails end in" section.

10. Choose the member's role (Admin/Member) by selecting it from the drop-down list.

11. Click Invite Member.

12. The invite has been successfully sent to the recipient.

13. The invitation remains pending until the Invitee has accepted the invitation.

14. If you wish to cancel the invitation, expand the role drop-down menu and select Cancel Invite.

15. The invitation is canceled, and the selected member will not be a member of your organization.

16. Once done, click Done Editing on the top right.

17. You will return to the organization list view.

18. Click Upgrade if you wish to upgrade your subscription.

19. Select the subscription and continue to the next step by following the given instructions on the screen.


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