Inviting users to your organization

This article describes how to add members to your organizations.

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Collaborate with your team members by inviting them to your organization.

Who can invite users?

By default any user can invite other users unless it is restricted to "admins only" in the organization's settings.

Inviting users

1. Navigate from the main menu to Subscription or via Organizations โ†’ Edit.

Main menu

2. Select the Users tab and click the button Invite User.

Inviting users to your organization

3. Add the email to the text field, and select the role in the organization (Admin or Member) from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Invite Member.

5. The invited users receive an invitation email and they need to accept to join the organization to gain access.

  • Accepting the invitation will guide them to create their own profile or they can log in with an existing one.

NOTE: New members of the organization will see only their personal (empty) workspace within your organization.

You have to separately grant them access per workspace to be able to view or edit cycles in that workspace.

TIP: You can also invite a new user from a workspace. This gives them at the same time access to the workspace and member access rights to the organization.

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