Organizations in Earthster

This article describes the terms "organization" and "workspace" and how to create organizations with Community and Business subscriptions.

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An organization represents any legal entity using Earthster. Usually, an organization can be, for example, your company, but it can also mean your business activity, university, NGO, etc.

When you sign up and get a license to use Earthster, you do so as an organization. That's right, everybody in your organization gets full access to Earthster!

To manage your data and settings you have workspaces: groups of data that make sense together, that you can share with colleagues. You can think of them as shared folders, projects, departments, etc. That way, even if you're sharing an Earthster license, you can have different groups working in different projects.

The following sections will teach you how to set up your organization.

Creating a new organization

  1. Select Organizations from the quick navigation menu.

2. Click Create New Organization.

3. Fill out the new organization's name and select the desired subscription plan (Community or Business).

Community Subscription

1. Select the Community box and click Continue with Community Subscription.

2. It takes you to your new organization's main view.

3. Select Organizations from the quick navigation menu on the top right.

4. The created organization appears in the organization list.

Business Subscription

  1. Select a Business Subscription.

  2. Click Checkout with Business Subscription.

  3. It will guide you through the subscription payment process with Stripe's payment gateway.

NOTE: Contact us at [email protected] if you wish to pay your subscription with an invoice instead of Stripe's payment options (e.g. credit card).

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