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Sharing cycles for review
Sharing cycles for review

Give specific organizations view-only access to your cycles, so they can do critical reviews, verification, accreditation, etc.

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Sharing your cycles is a great way to keep your stakeholders informed and make your business more transparent. One such way in which you often want to do this is by sharing your cycles with a third party reviewer.

When you share a cycle via Earthster with someone, they will enjoy the same visuals and interactivity as you do, and they will be able to review faster by using features such as exploring and viewing background data.

To share a cycle with a reviewer, we recommend sharing with them as if they were a customer. That will give you fine-grained control over what they have access to. This guide will explain how to follow this procedure.

Sharing the cycles

Before sharing: To share any of your cycles first you have to issue a release. Recipients can only see the latest release. They will not see any of the changes you made since the last release.

If you attempt to share a cycle before issuing a release, Earthster will prompt you to issue one.

Go to the cycle's mini menu and click the Sharing icon.

Each cycle has its own sharing level options and groups of recipients: public, customers and specific customers.

Earthster - Cycle Sharing settings
  • Sharing with the public

    • Earthster users can find the cycle in the process search and use it in their own cycles

    • Anybody with the link can view the cycle according to the sharing levels

  • Sharing with customers

    • All of the organizations added as customers can view the cycle according to the sharing levels

  • Sharing with special customers

    • Only the selected customers can view the cycle according to the sharing levels

    • Each customer can have their own level

In the section Sharing with special customers, start typing the name of your reviewer. If it is not already registered as a customer, you will be given the option to invite them through email.

NOTE: Your customers or reviewers can not share your cycles forward within the Earthster system.

Controlling the sharing level

In order for the reviewer to be able to assess the whole model, you will need to grant them the access level All levels (full access). If later you want to limit their access, you can choose from the following access levels:

  • Not Shared

    • Private, the reviewer has no access to the cycle

  • Total Impacts

    • The reviewer only has access to the final calculated score of the cycle

  • 1 level (stages)

    • The reviewer will be able to see the impacts per stages of this cycle, including cycle notes

  • 2 level

    • The reviewer will be able to see the impacts of this cycle up to level 2, including descriptions and processes.

  • All levels (full access)

    • The reviewer will have access to the the full cycle, including descriptions and processes.

If your cycle consumes also your own cycles (reuses information from other projects), you will need to make sure the reviewer has access also to these background cycles.

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