Moving cycles and comparisons

This article describes moving cycles and comparisons to other workspaces and organizations.

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Workspaces gives you a great way to keep your cycles organized based on your own criteria. For example you can dedicate a workspace per the product type, project or the cycle's sharing setting. You can move cycles and comparisons to a different workspace or even to a workspace in a different organization.

Move a cycle or a comparison

  1. Hover on the action menu icon in the workspace view.

2. Select one or more cycle(s) to move to another workspace.

  • Selected items are highlighted with the turquoise color.

3. To move the selected items click the Move button next to the desired destination.

TIP: Your current organization and workspace are marked with a checkmark.

4. The moved item appear in the destination workspace.

NOTE: Once you move a cycle, it is a good practise to check the workspace setting to ensure access to the cycles for the right people.

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