Sharing comparisons

Share insights in a visual and interactive way

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Sharing your comparisons is a great way to share insights in a visual way with customers, stakeholders and coworkers.

Each comparison has its own sharing settings. By default, comparisons are shared within the members of the workspace with the option "Specific users only."

Sharing options for comparisons :

  • Fully public

    • Anybody with the link can see the comparison.

    • The graph show the total environmental impact of each stage (level 1)

  • Specific users only

    • Only users in the same workspace can see the comparison (and edit according to their access right).

NOTE: Viewers of a public comparison can not access any of the included cycles.

Sharing comparisons

To share a comparison publicly, click on the settings icon and in Sharing section choose the "Fully public" option.

Copy the URL and delete the ending /edit from the URL. The link should end with the internal number of the comparison. You can share this link with anyone you want. The comparison is viewable without an Earthster account.

NOTE: Viewers of a publicly shared comparison are not able to change any of its settings (e.g. changing the values or the functional unit).

Duplicate the comparison to share other versions of the comparison.

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