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Creating a comparison

Compare cycles and processes with each other to gain better insights

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Comparisons are a great way to gain better insights from your LCA models. You can compare your own cycles and any other cycle or processes accessible to you in the database. By using the system templates you are able benchmark your product against an average in just a flew clicks.

With a comparison you are able to view the main 5 impact categories with one glance. Click on the graphs to focus on particular interest areas. The graph is designed to emphasise the differences between the compared references.

TIP 1: Click on the name of the comparison to access its settings.

TIP 2: Click on the section's icon to switch between menu options.

Option 1: Creating a comparison from within a cycle.

1. Open the cycle you want to compare and click the COMPARE button in the right top

corner of the cycle view (under the total impact)

2. Click on the mini menu icon or the name of the comparison to access the setting page.

3. In the settings of the comparison click Add New Reference

4. Search for the cycle you would like to add. Type in the name of your cycle.

TIP: Search with your own organization's name to find all your own cycles.

5. Click the button ADD CYCLE for each cycle or process you would like to add

6. Repeat steps 4-5 as many times as you need

7. Click the button COMPARE (on the top right corner)

8. Optional: Edit your comparison setting to better fit you r needs

Option 2: Creating a comparison in the workspace view

1. Go to the workspace where you want to save the comparison

2. Click on the tab called Comparisons (just under the workspace's name)

3. Click the button CREATE NEW COMPARISON

4. Follow the steps 4.-8. from above (Option 1)

Editing comparisons

Once you have created a comparison you are able to edit them to better fit your needs. Follow the links for more detailed instructions.

TIP 1: Click on the name of the comparison to access its setting.

TIP 2: Click on the section icon to switch between menu options.

Settings section allows you to ...

  • Rename your comparison

  • Select the scope (the stages) to compare

  • Add and remove references

  • View information about the reference cycle

  • Choose the cycle's release to view

  • Edit the name of the reference for the comparison

  • Reorder the reference list

  • Change the unit of your reference to a different functional units

    • NOTE: The cycles needs to have a functional units in addition to the production unit.

  • Navigate to the reference cycle

Description & Notes section:

  • Add notes

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