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Subscriptions in Earthster
Subscriptions in Earthster

Subscribing to a monthly subscription plan

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Earthster gives you the fastest, most scalable and most intuitive way to do life cycle assessments (LCAs). We offer various subscription plans to better match your LCA needs.

Contact us at [email protected] if you would like a custom plan for your company.

Getting started with Earthster

For the best experience please use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

To use Earthster you need to create a user profile and create or have access to an organization.

  • Each organization has its own subscription with it own set of users

  • Each user has a profile with its own login credentials

Register with Earthster

  1. Follow the registration process to create your own profile

  2. Confirm your email by clicking on the link in the "Confirmation instructions" email

  3. Create a new organization

    • Alternative: Apply to an existing organziation

      • Do this when someone from your company has already created an organization

  4. Now you are ready to use Earthster with a Trial plan

Subscribe to a monthly subscription plan

You can subscribe to a monthly plan with a credit card. For other payment alternatives contact us in our in-app chat or send us an email to [email protected].

Steps in Earthster:

  1. From the main menu click the button Subscription

  2. Choose the right plan for your company

    • You will be redirected to Stripe's checkout to finalize your order.

Steps in Stripe's checkout:

  1. Select the total amount of seats your team needs (Qty)

  2. Optional: Add a data package to your subscription*

  3. Fill out your payment details

    • Earthster does not store your credit card details, it is fully handled by Stripe.

  4. Click the button Pay and subscribe

  5. After a successful payment you will be redirected back to Earthster.

*NOTE: Stripe allows you to only add 1 data package, but you might need more. Contact us to adjust the amount of data packages manually.

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