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Quick Start: The cycle view
Quick Start: The cycle view

This article describes the cycle's main view.

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When you open or create a cycle, you will see the main view:


On the top-right, you will see the total impacts of your cycle.

On the top-left, you will see your cycle's name, and you will be able to adapt the diagram. You can select the impact category for which results are displayed (climate change, water use, damage to ecosystems, damage to human health, and damage to resource availability).

The diagram represents your product's life cycle. The circles represent the proportion the environmental impact for that given process.

You start in the "top view," where you only see the different stages (production, distribution, and use by default).

You can also move the diagram freely. Pan by dragging the diagram. Zoom in and out using your mouse scroll wheel.

You can click on any stage to center it and expand the view of its inputs.

TIP: To go back to the top view, click on the Earth at the center or the home icon on the left of the screen.


To view more information or edit a process, select its circle and click on it a second time to open its drawer. This will allow you to explore and edit its data.

Exploring your data

You can dig deeper and explore where is the environment impact of your process is really coming from. Click on the button explore to expand your view and see all the related processes and their impacts.

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