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Export your cycles as a .csv or .json file
Export your cycles as a .csv or .json file

Download your LCA results as a .csv or .json file

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You can export any of your cycles that has a release. The exported data includes the 5 main impact categories from ReCiPe 2016. Once you have downloaded your data you can create your own diagrams to further visualise your LCA results.

Supported file formats:

  • .csv (comma separated spreadsheet)

  • .json (standard data interchange format)

Exporting your cycle

Open the cycle you wish to export and go to settings from the left side mini menu.

From the bottom of the settings page click the button Export Cycle

NOTE: If you have not saved a release yet, the system will ask you to do it first. Once you issue a release you'll have to go back to the settings and click again the Export Cycle button to continue exporting.

Choose which release you want to export. By default the latest release is selected.

Click any of the buttons to download the preferred filed format. The file is automatically saved into your browser's download folder.

Exporting the EF compliant datasets (PEF)*

*This feature is only available for full Ecoinvent license holders.

With a full Ecoinvent license you can download more information about your LCA model.

  • ReCiPe main impact categories

  • EF impact categories

  • EF inventory

NOTE: If you wish to bulk download your cycles' data, contact us at [email protected]

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