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Benefits of having a full Ecoinvent license
Benefits of having a full Ecoinvent license

Having a full Ecoinvent license gives extra features for the license holder.

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Having a full Ecoinvent license gives the license holder advanced features, which are otherwise not available.

With a full Ecoinvent license you can...

NOTE: Depending on the Ecoinvent license type the advanced features can be applied to a specific user (valid in all of their organizations) or to every user in an organization (e.g. "Educational" license).

Do you have an existing Ecoinvent license?

If you have already an existing license, you can use your license in Earthster without any additional costs.

Please send a message to [email protected] with proof of your valid license. To activate your license we need the following information:

  • license type

  • validity period

  • licence holder's contact details

NOTE: Single-user commercial licenses can only be applied to the original license holder defined in the Ecoinvent license agreement.

Buy your full Ecoinvent license through Earthster

Contact us at [email protected] if you would like to purchase a full Ecoinvent license for you and your team.

Ecoinvent license examples:

Commercial: 3 800€ (+ 750€/year)

Single-user license for LCA experts with full access to the Ecoinvent database.

Unlimited access to the entire database including UPR, LCI, LCIA and reports supporting the system models Cut-Off, Consequential and APOS

  • Perpetual single-user licence (one-time fee)

  • Additional yearly maintenance from second year onwards for € 750

Enterprise: starting from 6 000€/year

For organisations with large LCA teams using Expert licences for internal use, including full access to ecoQuery

A set of commercial licences for named single users working in the same organisation

  • Available to organisations looking to purchase multiple licences for internal users

  • For 5+ named individual users

  • Yearly subscription

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