Viewing Other impact categories

With a full Ecoinvent license you can view more impact categories including ReCiPe 2016 mid and end points, EF3.1, TRACI 2.1.

Updated this week

With a full Ecoinvent license you can view all the available impact categories available in Earthster.

Currently available impact methods and categories:

Viewing other impact categories

NOTE: To view other impact categories, you must allow Earthster ( to open pop-ups and new tabs in your browser settings.

1. Click on the impact category view selector and select Other

2. First select the impact assessment method ( for example TRACI 2.1)

3. Then select from the list the impact category and click the button View impact

4. The chosen impact category will open in a new tab in view only mode. If you want to continue editing your cycle, go back to your starting tab with one of the main impact category views.

Example of a cycle viewing in TRACI 2.1/Human health - particulate matter

NOTE: The other impact categories are slower to load than the main 5. You can explore the data in view access with the same ease as the default categories.

Video tutorial: How to view other impact categories in Earthster

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