Import as a custom process

Edit processes by importing them as a custom process

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In some cases, you might be using a process from the database that you would like to modify. In order to do that, you can import that process inside your cycle, as a custom process.

When you import another cycle as a custom process, you are actually copying the entire cycle's production model. That is, you import its production process plus all custom processes linked to it.

That means that you will be able to edit any information in that process. The downside of it is that further updates on the process will not be considered.

How to import as a custom process

1. Navigate to your process' drawer and click on the original cycle's information, as shown below:

2. Scroll to the bottom of the modal and click the button Import as a custom process

3. Since this will detach your cycle from the original data (you are making a copy), you will have to confirm your choice.

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