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Create a custom process to apply a scaling factor to a group of inputs

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Custom processes represent a “process inside your process”. You can apply a scaling factor to a group of inputs.

They help you represent your model's complexity. After all, products are made of parts; companies are made of departments. You can edit them easily while staying inside the cycle so that all your information about the product remains in one place.

Custom processes are useful for modelling components and processes or even allocations.

If you don't need a scaling factor for your group of inputs use bundles instead.

Add a custom process

You can add custom processes in the drawer of any of your stages. Click the sub menu next to the "Add new" button and select "Add custom process"

Step 1: In the top section of the custom process:

  • Rename your custom process by clicking on the pencil icon next to the title.

  • Add the value of your scaling factor. For example in this case how many components you have in your LCA model.

Step 2: In the Info tab

  • Add the unit name for your custom process in the All info per 1 section's box.

    • You can write any unit type, it does not have to be a physical unit (e.g. component, unit, kg...).

  • Add a description for your custom process.

  • Change the Geography if needed.

Step 3: In the Processes tab and Exchanges with nature tab

  • Add processes and exchanges. Adjust the values to the inputs to reflect on your chosen unit. In this example the values needed to be added per component.

TIPS: Use your custom processes for doing quick what if scenarios or as placeholders by changing the scaling factor.

Export a custom process

You can export any of your custom processes as a cycle to be able to utilise it in other cycles.

In the bottom of the Info tab click the button EXPORT AS CYCLE. The new cycle will be saved in the same workspace as the original cycle.

Once you have exported your cycle we recommend you to check the new cycle's settings, especially the scale section of it.

TIP: Use custom processes for doing allocations easier.

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