Updating your data sources

Keeping your processes and connected cycles up-to-date.

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In Earthster all the environmental data is represented as cycles and the data is kept up-to-date through releases. This includes, processes, exchanges from databases, (like Ecoinvent, USEEIO) and user created cycles.

Updating your data sources

1. Open the cycle you want to update.

When there is an update available for a process or a connected cycle (a new release), you can see it in the end of the title of your cycle, in example (5 updates).

2. Click on the updates tag to open the "Data sources" section to keep track and update any of your data sources.

Updating status for processes and connected cycles:

  • Up to date

    • Your cycle uses the latest version available.

  • New version available - Click to update

    • This action will swap with the old data with the newest version available.

  • Depricated - Click to swap

    • When a dataset is deprecated, the dataset no longer exists in the latest version. This happens for example when the dataset included a group of products and the new version is broken down to individual processes.

    • This action will suggest a new process to swap with the old data with. Search for better alternatives if the suggested process is not suitable for your model.

2. To use the latest version available you can click to update all your processes at once or individually.

TIP: Duplicate your cycle before updating any of it's data to keep a copy of the old version.

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