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Replicate and update cycles in bulk
Replicate and update cycles in bulk

Replicate your cycles to do LCAs at scale

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Replicate in bulk feature gives you an effortless way of to do LCAs at scale. With the replicate feature you can create hundreds of variations of your products in minutes and you can update them in batch with a .csv file.

You can use this feature to upload data from any other source that can be converted into a csv table. You can even import data from your bill of materials (BOM).

To get started, all you need to do is to create a "template" cycle that you want to replicate with variations. Use hashtags to define the inputs with variations.

As an example we are going to use different coffee recipes.

Create a template cycle

  1. Create a new or chose an existing cycle to serve as the template for your replicas.

  2. Add a hashtag to the description of the input that you want to be able to update.

    • Example: Add the #espresso tag into the coffee process input

    • The hashtag can be added anywhere in the description field

Create the upload file

To replicate in bulk and update in batch, use a spreadsheet table saved as a .csv file. Create a table with one row per cycle to create, and one column per tag. One of the columns must be titled "name", and contain the name you want for the cycle.

  1. Add a row per each replica (cycle to create)

    • Use the first row for defining your columns

  2. Add a column for each tag (input value)

    • Mandatory column title: name

      • One of the columns must be titled name: This contains the name of the cycles.

      • The column order doesn't matter.

    • Add as many columns with the identifier hashtags as needed

Example of the upload file of the coffee recipes:









Steamed Milk




Caffe Latte












Note: The system only updates the input values that has a matching hashtag in the description field within the cycle and ignores any other data.

When replicating a cycle:

  • The example table creates 5 new cycles and updates 3 inputs in each.

When updating in batch:

  • The example table updates the 3 inputs in any cycle that is matching the name in the workspace.

Replicate in bulk

Replicating a cycle will create new copies based on the specifications in your upload file. The new cycles are independent of each other and their original template cycle.

  1. Open the cycle you want to replicate

  2. Open the cycle settings

  3. Click the dropdown menu of Export cycle button

  4. Click the Replicate in bulk button

  5. Upload your .csv file by either dragging or searching your file.

  6. The system gives you a notification "Your cycle has been replicated successfully." when the replication process is complete.

  7. The replicated cycles are saved to the same workspace where the template is.

    Replicated cycles of the coffee example

Update in batch (upload file)

You can update any cycle in a given workspace that has the matching name in the upload file with the correct hashtags.

  1. Navigate to the workspace where you keep the cycles you wish to update

  2. Click the dropdown menu of Create new cycle button

  3. Click the Update in batch (upload file) button

  4. Upload your .csv file by either dragging or searching your file.

  5. The system will update all the cycles with a matching name and matching hashtags in the process description fields.

Note: The system ignores any data without a matching cycle name and hashtag.

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